Why was this site built to use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn includes more self-identified members of the DU community than any other social network—more than 50,000 alumni, faculty, staff and current students. We wanted to create a way for this group to connect, interact and celebrate the sesquicentennial together.

Do I have to be a member of LinkedIn to use this site?

No; the Pioneer Network is the only part of the site that requires you to be a member of LinkedIn. The other features—the timeline, events and historical maps—don’t require a log-in.

I was interested in posting content to the timeline and map, but this required a log-in. If I’m not a member of LinkedIn, does that mean I can’t post my story to the map or timeline?

No, it doesn’t. Though logging in with a LinkedIn account is the quickest and easiest way to post your content, you can also submit your story, photo, or other content by emailing it to digitalteam@du.edu. Please include your full name and graduation year.

Will content posted to the timeline and map be moderated by the University?

To protect our community we will remove any posts that violate our comment moderation policy.

Will you be storing my LinkedIn data or using it for marketing or any other purpose?

We value and respect the privacy of everyone who visits and uses this site. We will access some LinkedIn data to create your user profile for the site, such as your username and password. We won’t store any personally identifiable information and we won’t use any data for marketing. For more information, see our privacy policy.

How do I use the Pioneer Network? Do I have to do anything special other than log in to LinkedIn?

See our how-to video to learn how the site can help alumni and current students get the most out of the Pioneer Network. All you have to do to join the Network is log in with your LinkedIn credentials. Once you’re logged in, you can use the site to connect with:
  • Alumni or current students you went to school with
  • Alumni or students who work in a similar career field
  • Potential mentors, or students who are looking for mentors
  • Alumni and students who are attending sesquicentennial events

Who built this site?

This site was the result of a project that included Alumni Relations, the University Libraries historical team, the Division of Marketing and Communications, and the award-winning advertising agency Vladimir Jones. We worked hard to design, develop and launch the site, while thoroughly researching the history of the school. Found something we can improve? We welcome your feedback, advice or criticism concerning this site and consider its development an ongoing project. Please contact us with any questions, comments or feedback.





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